Jewelry with a Purpose

Giving Sun Jewelry is a collaboration of the heart. 
Linda, with her philanthropic heart, dreamed up a way of giving meaningful gifts that give back to those in need. Always thinking of others and ways to lift them up she imagined a necklace that could be given to someone who could use support and comfort. So Linda reached out to jewelry maker, Amy, and the first necklace was born. The idea was to create something beautiful that had a message attached. A message that would connect the necklace to a purpose for giving as well as have an additional message of charity: To support and give love to someone while donating to important causes that nobly dedicate themselves to the livelihood and wellness of others. 

Amy, as it turns out, had the same heart as Linda. Feeling a lifelong mission to heal people and make beautiful things, and always seeking to connect the craft and the mission, it took zero second thoughts for her to be on board. It checked all the boxes that mattered: art, compassion and collaboration.

Giving Sun Jewelry is a result of this alchemy. We have thoughtfully created a line of jewelry that is modern, wearable, universal and meaningful. Categories ranging from Support, Friendship, and Growth, to Strength, Direction, and Optimism are what guides our decisions. Each Necklace comes with a printed quote or message that tells the story. We all know people who could use a reminder that we’re here for them, or some encouragement to be brave, or inspiration to keep going. The feeling of being seen and thought of has unimaginable power and we want to do our part in helping people feel that as well as helping non-profits with causes we believe in. 

Thank you for being here and giving the gift of love through our line.
Linda & Amy

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